The Budgeting Spreadsheet With Live Banking Data

Google Sheets + Live Bank Transaction Imports

No more manual exports or copying & pasting from CSV files

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See It In Action:

GIF of BudgetSheet fetching new bank transaction data within a user specified date range
After one or more accounts are linked, new bank transactions can be imported at any time.

How It Works


Enable the BudgetSheet Addon in your Google account.


Sign up for a account. This is what BudgetSheet uses to link your bank account in order to pull live transaction data.


Enter your API keys into the BSA_Settings spreadsheet. You can find these in your Account Settings page.


Link your bank account(s) via the BudgetSheet menu:
Add-ons > > Link New Account...


Import bank transactions directly into your spreadsheet via the menu:
Add-ons > BudgetSheet > Fetch Latest Bank Transactions


Be sure to read all the docs for more! The docs cover installation, setup, linking your Plaid account, adding bank accounts, importing your bank or credit transactions, and more!

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